hear what participants said

"I am writing to say 'thank you' for the experience, and for the healing it provided. 

The transition from jungle back to city life required my full, conscious effort to stay centered, but I have never lost the feeling of deep wholeness I gained while away. 

The part of me that did not want to live is now healed, and present - no more plexiglass shield separating me from the world.  What a feeling.  I celebrated my 56th birthday on July 4th, and am moving forward with a new openness, and renewed optimism about the world, and all the possibilities for positive change." ~ Rudi


 "I am integrating and shifting through layers to recalibrating my body to the frequency generated at the be-ing transformation retreat!

Wow, my re-entry has been sort-of like preparing to come on the retreat!  Less of a “re-entry” more of a “launching”! It truly feels like this is my new vibrational frequency!

I have been in regular contact with my accountability sister, and our connection has proven to be deeply meaningful, sweet and highly valuable (I see us both expanding in the areas we are striving)!  I have actually seen and spent time, and been in touch via text message or phone call with my other sisters!  This is a beautiful web of connection which I deeply appreciate!" ~ Yvette


I am a cynic & a doubter by nature, & was prepared to benefit from the beauty & pace of island life, delicious food & regular community practice. That alone would have been enough.

I was not prepared for this. From before the 'getgo' (gecko) -- I found my resistance skillfully guided to an integrated resting place so that I could set down or burn through the things that stand in the way of who & how I want to be in the world. With the loving support of my sisters in community, in an intimate & magical setting, I found space to be nurtured and find my way past years/decades-old challenges." Mahalo ~ Ĺšvani


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