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LOVEstream PAQ (Possibly Asked Questions)

Q: What is this really?

A: The LOVEstream is a project to disseminate the past and current work of Rev. angel Kyodo williams Sensei via a wide range of mediums. While the social and political climate means many people are discovering her work, she's been bringing her unique dharmicview to love, justice and liberation for well over two decades.

The LOVEstream is designed to bridge the gap in public awareness by supporting combing through and prepping Rev. angel's media archive for publishing and sharing, as well as new content most prominently, via livestreams, aka webinars.

The LOVEstream Network is a interconnected system made up of:

  • people that want to see that happen and want to support it, while getting some juicy benefits in exchange
  • people whose left brain needs a reason to do what their right brain and gut are already telling them to do: support voices that share a new narrative about who and how we can be in the world. a vision for a #newAmerica.


Q: Sounds good. But this IS the old America. What's in it for me exactly?

  • Exclusive access to livestream of 2018 talks, conversations and/or workshops from location. (minimum of four throughout year)
  • At least one audio or video stream and download each month with PDF transcription.
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes livestreams before/after events
  • PLUS these member benefits:
  1. Early notifications for special events, Radical Dharma livestreams, retreats, etc.
  2. Discounts on Practicing Justice & newDharma retreats, plus Rev. angel's online programs
  3. 10% discount on the new radical swag store (coming this month)
  4. 10% discount on the newly redesigned store for [pilgrImage]© photography by angel Kyodo williams
  5. Input on the changemap: help Rev. angel decide what offerings are put out in the future (coming 2018)
  6. LOVEstream Network Private Facebook Group access 
  7. Earth-toucher status and surprise bonuses for the first 162 members

All of these for only 33 to 73 cents per day depending on your resources.  That's less than pretty much anything you get daily: coffee, a bagel, the newspaper, a ride on mass transit.

Q: There's a bunch of free talks & stuff all over the internet. Why pay for media?

A: Short answer? Because there's a bunch of free talks & stuff all over the internet. Rev. angel never believed in throwing every talk she's done on the web. she thinks it's akin to digital vomit, and lacking curation, people get overwhelmed and confused about what they need to pay attention to. There's plenty of freely available content on the internet (her website points you to most of it,) but the LOVEstream is (insert drumroll for overused word here...) specifically curated and limited so you can focus on going deep with the teaching Rev. angel decides is relevant.

PLUS, most of the pre-recorded content has never been seen or heard by anyone but the people in the room at the time, and you'll also get access to new talks via livestream from on location, just as if you were in the room.

Shorter answer: the LOVEstream is about the flow of energy and exchange of ideas. If you just want free content and the idea of supporting the work that teachers and social re-visionaries are up to is a stretch, LOVEstreaming (yeah, it's a verb) is probably not for you right now. 

Q: When do i get access to my first content?

A: Mid-January in commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr's birthday is when the LOVEstream will fully launch, but you will probably find a holiday gift under your digital tree before 2017 closes out.

Q: OK, I'm in. But since this won't kick off until mid-January and monthly membership will be available, shouldn't i just wait?

A: Of course you can. This Awakening annual special is for folks that know they want to get behind this for the year. In exchange for that heartfelt YES, the pricing right now is discounted, locks in this annual rate, gets you some special up-front benefits and won't be offered least not through 2018.

Q: Cool. So I get access to Rev. angel?

A: Kinda, but don't count on it. The primary purpose of the LOVEstream is to support the painstaking work of reviewing, cleaning up and cataloging her past work, as well as making sure new work & ideas are captured and widely disseminated. She will drop in and mix it up in the LOVEstream Private Facebook group including exclusive scheduled and random LOVEstream sessions on shared teachings and current topics. That said, the LOVEstream is based on the truth that she's already paid her dues having shared these teachings and we mean to make sure she's not taxed by this offering. 

For those of you that are SERIOUS about studying with Rev. angel, after a few years of hiatus from formally taking people on, the newDharma Collective will soon make this opportunity available for people wherever they may live. if that interests you and you think you're up for the challenge, submit your NAME HERE.

Q: Why are there 3 different prices for the same thing?

A: Because people are at differing financial means, often as a result of systemic inequity, or sometimes just timely circumstances.

And we know a dollar isn't a dollar in the current economic system. Fixed fees have a hidden assumption that value is the same for everyone. We know it's not and don't want finances to have a too heavy a hand in deciding who gets access and who doesn't. 

Ideally it would be free for everyone, but that wouldn't support the tangible costs of labor, technology, and intangible years of practice that makes Rev. angel's teachings worthy of sharing.

We estimate the baseline cost to be equivalent to 1 full time position plus tech expenses. Our goal is to have 162 "Earth-touchers" pay an average of $252 to anchor the LOVEstream project. (Learn why $162 is an important symbolic number once you join.)

Q: This Q&A sounds suspiciously like Rev. angel...

A: sure does. i care very much about my work in the world, so while people help with drafts, i intervene in most things shared publicly. i'm trying to do that much less often, but ;-)

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