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LIB5 Challenge

5-days of Live Sessions
Mon-Fri, Oct. 25th-29th









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Rev. want to challenge every single one of us to take our commitment to liberation seriously, because the more centered, connection and compassion you are, the better chance we all have for not just surviving but actually thriving in these turbulent times. 

In this 5-day training, you'll get to go step-by-step with Rev. angel for the first time (maybe the only) that she will directly train people in public to apply the LIB5: 5-pillar framework for personal liberation to your life exactly where you are.

You'll learn to work with and deepen each of the five pillars.

  • • Contemplative Approach
  • • Embodied Practice
  • • Liberatory Path
  • • Prophetic Praxis
  • • Collective Process 

This is not just the what (though that is the foundation) but the HOW

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5-day Training
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Oct. 25th


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  • LIB5 Workbook: A guide with prompts for you to make your personalized map. 
  • Daily Recap: Get access to a review of the days' training posted the same evening. 

ALSO: As Rev. promised, each day there will be giveaways, in addition to the practical, actionable training you will be able to apply immediately to transform your life.


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